Our Story

It All Started With a Vision 

A vision to create a special place where people could meet, eat and be happy! At Meet and Eat, we believe that your dining experience is much more than food alone. Eating is innately a social activity, that is why our approach to dining is comprehensive. We serve delicious food with the finest, locally sourced ingredients and offer an extensive selection of drinks, coffee, red or white wine and domestic craft beers all in a community centered environment.

Doors Opened in 2015 

Neighbors and friends began to gather to enjoy delicious food and to socialize! Meet and Eat first opened in 2015. We used our passion and creativity to design an appealing environment of being open, airy and modern. The ambiance at Meet and Eat is vibrant but inviting, encouraging guests to always feel like they have a place to call home.

Community Centered 

This ambiance extends beyond our dining room. As a restaurant, we are not only dedicated to the best food and drinks, but we are also focused on building relationships with our guests and bringing the community closer together. Since opening, we have made strong efforts to be integrated into the community. We have built and maintained meaningful family and business relationships within the community, striving to develop our own place and to support others at the same time.

It's All About The Ingredients 

Our menu features a number of artisan sandwiches and lush salads alongside craft beers. While this may sound like many other trendy restaurants, we stand out thanks to our choice ingredients. We prepare food with locally sourced ingredients, which ensures freshness and quality. In particular, our eggs are exquisite. We use organic brown eggs to maximize the taste in our dishes. Ultimately, while you can get a veggie sandwich at any number of places, few will taste like ours.

Continuing Our Mission

This is just the start of our story. Since our opening, we have been honored to establish relationships with our customers and the community. We are excited to continue building those relationships for the mutual benefit of everyone. Whether you are interested in a restaurant that gives back, brings the community closer or you just want fresh, exquisite food -- your family at Meet and Eat will be here to serve that purpose and mission.

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