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Celebrate The Spooky Season with a Meet & Eat Spread

And there’s no better way to mark the season and by enjoying some of the spooky festivities. Whether or not you are attending a celebration, trick-or-treating with kids, or just taking the night off, Meet & Eat is here to keep you fueled! That’s why we’ve created the perfect Halloween menu pulled straight from our kitchen. Which one will you treat yourself to this October?

Starting With Starters

The starters set the tone for the whole meal, so what did we choose to bring some spooky ambience to your table? Our delicious garlic and parmesan fries. It’s no secret that monsters enjoy sneaking around on Halloween, which is why we’ve chosen a dish with an ingredient known to ward off one of the most famous monsters there is: vampires! No need to worry, after enjoy a plate of our tangy, salty fries, you won’t have to worry about Dracula or getting hangry with your friends.

The Main Course

To continue, we’ve chosen a main course that gets straight to the point: our ribeye kabobs. We start with marinated ribeye and skewer it through before grilling it and serving it with a Greek salad. For some sweetness, you could swap out your Geek salad for one of our Sweet Apple salads, a seasonal treat to compliment the chill in the air.

More Dessert!

For dessert, there is nothing that captures the fun and fright of October quite like an Affogato. The sharp espresso blends perfectly with the sweet, mild vanilla ice cream to create a unique flavor that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Not only that, but it will provide you with just the right amount of kick to power through the rest of the evening!

Can’t Forget Drinks

              To wash everything down, we simply couldn’t say no to the Rocktoberfest festbier. This festbier is brewed using real German barley that gives it a full, malty flavor that is complimented by a refreshingly sweet crispness. It’s like the taste of October in one easy bottle– just look at that logo!

Meet & Eat is the perfect place to come and enjoy yourself, no matter the season, but we love to try and make sure our guests are having as much fun as we are. This October, spend time laughing with those you care about the most (then spend the rest of the evening scaring them!)