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Cheese For Every Occasion

Who doesn’t love cheese? Used in millions of dishes by hundreds of cultures from all over the world, the versatility of this ingredient cannot be overstated. When you visit Meet & Eat, you’ll have your pick of cheesy dishes starring everything from gorgonzola to classic parmesan. So how did we choose which cheese goes where? Let’s look at the different flavors and profiles behind some different cheeses, and how they pair with other ingredients to make the perfect dish.


When looking at recipes, sweet foods may be one of the most common ingredients to pair cheeses with. You may find certain varieties gracing a fruit filled charcuterie board, or even blended to create a creamy icing or dessert filling.

At Meet & Eat, one of our favorite cheeses that pairs with sweetness is gorgonzola. This is evident in our Sweet Apple salad. We top a classic mixed green salad with apple slices, dried cranberries, walnuts and more and pair it with a sweet basil balsamic vinaigrette. Gorgonzola has a creamy texture and mild flavor. More “milky” than traditionally “cheesy,” this cheese can be a delicious add on.


When we think of a sour flavor in the gourmet world, we think sour beer and jams. The high fat content of cheese can help take the edge off a pucker-inducing beverage, while the drink itself or the jam can tone down the more powerful flavors of some more stinky cheeses.

At Meet & Eat, we recommend trying one of our signature burgers featuring provolone cheese and pairing it with our sour Briney Melon Gose beer. The combo is unbeatable in its salty, sour and fresh taste.


Savory meals are perhaps the most famous cheese-infused dishes. Delicious varieties like cheddar, colby and pepper jack and more feature heavily in American, Mexican and even Canadian dishes. Featuring a heavy fat and salt content, you can’t go wrong with a greasy meal and a sharp cheese.

At Meet & Eat, we recommend our spicy ahi nachos or our rich Seattle de lux burger. Both of these are hearty dishes that are sure to satisfy you no matter the time of day. Pair it with one of our signature cocktails and stay a while.

No matter what scrumptious dish you choose from Meet & Eat’s menu, there is sure to be a cheese that perfectly pairs with your meal. Stop in again and again to try out every option and find your new favorite.