The Anatomy of a Salad

At Meet & Eat, we offer a variety of freshly made salads based on the varied preferences of our chefs and guests. Still, we know that eating a salad at a restaurant and making one at home are two very different things. We’ve got you covered with the ultimate salad-building guide so that you can create you favorite M&E specials wherever you are!

Step 1: Get Your Greens

Most good salads start with a green base. The options here are endless, from cabbage to kale. Leafy greens are varied, with some having a peppery kick and others having almost no flavor at all. Greens can enhance the palate you’re going for, act as a flavorless base or even add a new texture. There is no wrong answer here, but remember that some flavors work better with different bases, so look at references for the style of salad you’re interested in creating.

Step 2: Protein and/or Grains

Some people stick to salads because they prefer a fully plant-based meal. If you’re one of these people, consider adding a little more protein to your salad by adding beans or a grain like quinoa. This will help keep you fuller longer and add a savory flavor to your meal. If you’re a regular omnivore, chicken or a mild fish like salmon make great toppers to any salad. You can even blend multiple grain and protein sources in something like a chilled pasta salad to cool off in the summer!

Step 3: Fats

Not all fat is bad! In fact, natural fats help your body source energy throughout the day. Consider avocado for a creamy, mild flavor boost. For more crunch go for some mixed nuts or sunflower seeds. This help bulks up the calories in a salad so that you can stay powered past the afternoon slump. You can also go for olives, a fattier cheese like goat cheese or mozzarella, or even a hardboiled egg!

Step 4: Dressings

In general, salad dressing is a combination of acid and oil. Maybe olive oil and balsamic or white wine vinegar, or avocado oil and lemon juice. You can create your own or go with an old bottled standby like thousand island or classic ranch. Remember not to drench your salad in dressing, or you’ll end up overpowering the other flavors!

Step 5: Seasoning

Finish off your creation with a dash of salt and pepper, or go for something stronger like dill or garlic. This section is totally up to you and based on what you think would work best with your ingredients.

No matter how you like your salads, Meet & Eat is sure to have something for you. Come in and grab your favorite before trying your hand at recreating it at home!